There are days when the missing him is hard to bear, when the ache in your chest is impossible to assuage, and the tears are impossible to count. Undeniably, the worst are the days when your child misses him too, and cries from his inner depth for that special someone to wrap his arms around him. And then there are days like today; where the missing him blindsides me, like an unexpected tempest.

It’s like an avalanche of emotions that leave you breathless.

Time is a fickle thing. Ir’s passing changes continually. Some days fly by with nary a moment’s rest. And others drag by, regardless of how occupied one keeps oneself. The ends of deployments are like that. Some days fly by in a whirl and others pass by like the last bit of molasses being coaxed out of a jar.

And even today I remain grateful for the sadness, and all it entails. Missing my beau  isn’t so bad, when it means I love and am loved, and therefore I miss. So I’m grateful, especially for that.