Little B has been working super hard on his classes lately. We’ve doubled up lessons on some of his subjects and The Boy has not complained or gotten surly; in fact, it’s been the opposite: he’s been all gung ho about doing his best. So, I thought it would be fun for The Boy to pick our day’s activities. He loves our No Rule Days, which we haven’t had in a while, so I thought this would be a good way to do something similar but within the parameters of our regular day, ie. homeschool day.

Brooks started by asking for crepes for breakfast. The kiddo loves crepes. He could eat them all day. True story.

After crepes, we played video games, drew pictures, and built figures out of legos.

Then we settled down for homeschool. I rather liked the slow start to the day, the long morning of play, and the fact we were still in our pajamas. I’m on break from Penn State so I can appreciate the pajama’s all morning thing.

The best part of our day was the afternoon, though. B wanted to play more video games, that was a given. But after we played a while he wanted me to read him Christmas stories, followed by sketching pictures, attempting to put together a wooden motorcycle kit, a super cute Thanksgiving turkey project, board games, and a few vicious rounds of Bey Blades.

And then we went for a walk in the dark with Nya in tow. We were hoping to see Christmas lights, but alas we only saw two houses with them on. We’re going to have to drive to a more festive neighborhood soon, perhaps. We came home, baked cinnamon rolls, made hot cocoa and settled down to watch Toy Story 3.

That in my book, is a perfect day. Little B is so funny. After our fun day he asked me if I had fun. I assured him the day was perfect. He commented that someday he’d make a good daddy. I completely agree. He’ll be pretty amazing.

I’m just saying.