It’s guilt inducing sometimes, the amount of time I spend with Little B, as opposed to the time D.Brooks is able to spend with him. The thing is, I don’t take that for granted, not one bit. I am incredibly grateful, thankful, that I’ve been able to stay home with Little B. It’s a gift, really and truly.

Being with Little B every single day, it’s hard sometimes to notice the small discrepancies in his behavior, the way he’s slowly maturing into this young man that we are so incredibly proud of. A lot of times it’s D.Brooks that will point out those changes, those AHA moments where I realize my little boy isn’t so little any more.

All of that to make the point that one of my most treasured moments of each day is spending time with my boy, be it reading books or playing games, building something or field tripping it. But I what I enjoy the most is just talking to him, listening to all his amazing little ideas, his imagination run amok, the stories and characters he’s made up in his mind. And his laughter, boy, it’s contagious for sure.

So today, while thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, to a holiday that doesn’t feel like a holiday because Big Brooks isn’t here, well, I was thinking of all the things we’ve been blessed with this year, because there is always so much. And I was feeling incredibly blessed and grateful.

And so Little B and I started telling each other stories, stories from my family and Brooks’s family and it was amazing to realize that these stories are just as much a part of Brooks’s fabric as mine. Here is this eight year old boy telling me stories that occurred long before he was here, and he knows them so well. He laughs even before the funny parts or gets super serious and thoughtful before the one’s that merit that type of demeanor.

He’s like this living time capsule, a perpetual recorder of his families stories.

Little B loves a good story. He’ll beg you to retell the same story over and over again. I love that about him.

So, this Thanksgiving eve, I am ever thankful for my boy, and so much more. I wish Brooks were here with us,that goes without saying,  but we can patiently wait for that. And when he gets here we’ll create new memories and new stories to pass along to our kiddo. I can wait for that too.