I am incredibly grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving day. My list is pretty extensive, as it should be. I can’t look at any particular part of my life and wish there was more or less of anything.

That may sound strange, with Brooks half a world away, but it still holds true.

I am thankful that I am more in love today with my beau than the day we married; that the sound of his voice, garbled though it may be at times due to bad connections, still makes my heart race, causing me to catch my breath. I am thankful for his kindness and patience, his love. For the way he makes me laugh, for the long drawn out conversations, when we’re able to squeeze them in. 

For his safety and perseverance through five long deployments. 

For the amazing father that he is to our little boy, and the way he just always knows exactly what to say, especially when it needs saying. 

I am thankful for My Boy, for the ability to hold him and love on him each day. For the incredibly young man that he’s surely becoming, his kind and helpful spirit, the way he makes me laugh and for the many thought provoking and long conversations we have. 

I am thankful that Little B so freely expresses his love to myself and others he cares about. For the fact that he’s grateful for all the things in life, no matter how big or small. I am thankful for his keen sense of empathy, the way he’s reduced to tears at the plight of others, his big generous heart that always strives to serve and give and love. For the times he holds my hand, and hugs me and kisses me, because he knows I need it the most.

And even those things would be enough for one person to be grateful for, and yet I find myself blessed beyond measure in so many other ways as well.

I am thankful for our families, for their love and support and the way they make our lives so much brighter and colorful and filled to the brim with love. For the way they shape us and the memories they make with us.

I am especially thankful that I can call my sister my best friend. I look back over ten years of marriage and Brenda has always been there, supporting us, loving us, encouraging us. And boy, does she love! My little family knows beyond any shadow of a doubt that her love is true and strong and never ending. That if we needed something she’d drop it all to come and fix it, make it better. Her love humbles me. 

I am thankful at the relationship she’s built with My Boy. The way she makes sure she’s part of our lives, knowing our ins and outs, my kiddos favorite things, the way she stores in her memory the times they’ve spent together, easily recalling small details I’ve even forgotten. 

And I’m thankful for my Army family, for battle buddies that make deployments easier to bear, for friends who listen to you and cry with you and love you, just as real as any family member would. I know, through and through, that if I didn’t have the love and support of my Army family that these five deployments would have been horrid to bear. 

I am thankful for late night phone calls answered by my Army sisters. For sleepovers during deployments that helped stave off loneliness and fear and anxiety. For countless dinners shared. For women who loved on my boy as any family member would. For knowing that if I was ill someone would  always be there to pick up my boy and take care of him. For a plethora of tears and griefs shared. For the understanding that can only come from someone who’s truly walked a mile in your shoes. 

I am thankful for having spent this Thanksgiving with some of my Army family. For looking at Little B and not seeing grief or sadness etched on his face because he was missing his daddy. For amazing food, laughter to spare, and conversations shared. 

I am blessed beyond measure, in so many ways. 

Life is sweet, today was surely one of the sweeter ones.