With Thanksgiving behind us and homecoming looming ahead, it’s hard not to think about Christmas. Little B and I did just that today, working on our list of Christmas activities for his advent calendar, purchasing some presents and all the trim and ribbon associated with them, and gathering crafts for the days ahead.

I had a tough time wrapping my mind around Brooks returning to us sooner than we had originally expected. I’m so used to things changing, and being flexible with last minute tweaks to schedules and what nots, that I suppose in a way I wasn’t overly excited because I kept expecting to be told that nope, they weren’t coming home sooner than later. But as the date gets closer to his homecoming and he keeps reassuring me that things haven’t changed I find myself getting more and more excited. To have Brooks home for Christmas, two Christmases in a row at that, is such a gift, that we surely don’t take for granted.

So it’s easy to think ahead to Christmas because it just might be the best one yet.