Little B preparing the ingredients for the pumpkin sauce

One of my favorite activities with Little B is spending time with him in the kitchen. Little B has learned to read and follow recipes, to use kitchen gadgets and tools correctly, and to have fun while doing it. I love seeing how excited he gets when he creates something new, when he gets to cut things with knives, or when we try something new.

That Boy loves to climb this tree in the front yard, never tiring of it.

Growing up, I loved spending time in the kitchen baking batch after batch of cookies. I was the youngest, and so somehow, I wasn’t taught to cook. But boy could I bake some mean cookies!

Playing London, a fun chalk outdoor game from http://www.FamilyFun.go

So today, we took out time to cook. My boy loves pumpkin puree, so we cut up a pumpkin, scooped out the seeds for toasting, and roasted it for some fresh pumpkin puree. We made a ridiculously delicious pumpkin sage cream sauce to pour over angel hair pasta for our lunch. Here’s the link:

Loving on sweet Nya

Tonight, after homeschool and outdoor fun and games, we toasted up those pumpkin seeds, that we’d set aside to dry out a bit, and ate them while we watched It’s a Wonderful Life. Little B asked me three times if the movie was going to stay black and white or if there would be color later! Silly boy! After thirty minutes he was hooked! And all the pumpkin seeds were gone. I call that the perfect ending to a pretty amazing day.

Preparing the pumpkin seeds for roasting with olive oil and plenty of salt