string art fun

We had a bit of a backwards day today. Not intentionally. I tend to lose a lot of sleep before Brooks comes home. It’s the nerves and excitement and anxiety produced from waiting those last few days that sometimes seem to drag on and on. So this morning I was a bit of zombie. Exhaustion didn’t quite cover how I felt. And then, for some crazy reason, I decided today would be perfect for weed eating the back yard. Yup, definitely not on my list of approved activities but I was tired and grumpy and went at it. And then paid the piper for it.

I ended coming inside with The Boy and crashing for three hours. Feel old much? Yup, pretty much.

So we ended up whittling away at the morning and didn’t begin homeschool until 3pm. If that’s not a backwards day, I’m not quite sure what is.

Solely laying the string down produces these types of pieces, prefold per se

I hate feeling like a day’s been wasted. I don’t mind it so much if it’s a Pajama Day or No Rule Day, but a day spent doing a whole lot of nothing seems awful to me. So after homeschool I pulled out some art supplies for The Boy. One of his favorite activities is doing string art, whereby he takes string, dips it in paint, and lets it falls on paper in different patterns. Then he takes the paper in half and creates some really pretty pieces. Because Christmas is right around the corner I pulled out green and red paint and Little B happily began painting and creating.

B said this one looked like two stockings back to back

Afterwards we took our outdoor game of London yesterday and made it an indoor trivia game by using our wipe board. This was B’s idea. He was super excited about playing London outside but thought it would be fun as a way to do a trivia game. I looked up trivia for kids online to pull questions to play. I used the following website:

annotating his score on the wipe board, he's quite serious about games

We had a blast and B only won because he chose to give me Disney movie trivia questions and I was sorely uninformed in that regard.

silly willy laughing over funny trivia questions

So, although our day was all topsy turvey I’m so glad we at least made it a productive day. And tomorrow is the first day of December. We are so excited to begin using our advent activity tree! It’s going to be the best Christmas yet!