Picking out the first ornament

Little Brooks was so excited about picking an ornament off his advent activity tree that as soon as he woke up he  bolted out of bed to pick his first “surprise.” I made him wait until after he’d made his bed and gotten dressed. He ran around the house completing his morning chores, all the while singing that Daddy would be home soon and that Christmas was right around the corner. It was rather cute to watch. And really, inside I was singing the same thing, so I joined in.

silly brooks eating and making reindeer

It’s easy to say, standing here, December 1st, that this year has flown by. There were days that lingered on, aggravatingly so. And there were days that just flew by so quickly that I’d barely had a moment to catch my breath. This fifth deployment has definitely been tough at moments, so I’m extremely excited to welcome December knowing that Brooks will be home shortly.

drawing on the eyes

I’m so excited that Brooks will be here to celebrate with us that I can’t even think of one single thing I’d want for Christmas because the thing I wished for most is actually going to be mine. These are the moments when I feel blessed beyond measure, and can’t fathom my own good luck, if you can call it that.

And so, after much singing and dancing, Brooksy slipped off his first ornament off his activity tree. He actually pulled off writing a letter to Santa and visiting him at the mall, but we quickly put that one back on the tree. We’re waiting on Daddy for that one!

all the candy cane reindeer ready to go to the car to be gifted to his friends

The next ornament he picked was to make candy cane reindeer for his friends. We were both pretty psyched about that one and went to the store after homeschool and tutoring to purchase the necessary supplies.

B had a blast making the reindeer for his friends. As he made each one he mentioned by name who each one would be gifted to.  I don’t doubt that he’ll remember each one, since he made them all look different.

at the playground with my boy

I wanted to end the day with a visit to Salado to check out the city’s parade. Brooksy was super excited at the prospect of seeing floats decked out in holiday lights. And then we headed out and got stuck in crazy Fort Hood traffic. From our front step to the highway it took us 25 minutes. No joke. So we ended up going to the city park instead to play and walk our Nya.

We came home and baked up yummy scones and rewatched Home Alone. And in a few minutes I’ll read My Boy the Christmas story and tuck him into bed. And I’ll dream of homecoming and Christmas things, and my boys both in the same place.