This morning was definitely a test in patience. Suffice it to say that I had a three hour issue with the post office, that involved going to more than one post office, before I finally got a solution. I was pretty upset. I don’t really have three hours to waste, when I’m studying for finals and B has homeschool to get done. My biggest annoyance was that I’d been planning on walking for an hour and had to scrap that because I wasn’t sure we’d get homeschool done otherwise.

And then, after taking a breather, and realizing it wasn’t that big of a deal, we headed to the park to meet up with some other homeschoolers so the kids could play. The weather wasn’t picture perfect, it was drizzly and wet and cold, but the kiddos didn’t mind, and Brooks had a blast. What could be better? And best of all, I got a good long walk in.

So the day was looking up for sure.

We came home to do some arts and crafts and play some board games. Today’s Advent Tree Activity was to create a handprint Santa. We’ve made one of these before, but they’re awfully cute, and I had to have one. B was a good sport about the whole thing.

handprint Santa

Afterwards, while his hand still had wet white paint on it, he made a few handprint snowmen ornaments to hand out to the grands and greatgrands. I got the idea off of this blog:

Silly Willy

Placing the ornament just so to get the snowmen on the right end

handprint snowmen glass ornaments

They turned out so well that I had B make one for us to keep. He had a blast making these and thought the snowmen awfully cute. That makes two of us.

We also made a big batch of gingerbread inspired playdough. The recipe we found didn’t have any molasses in it. I thought that criminal because it’s called gingerbread playdough, so we added some to our batch, plus ground cloves for added smell factor. True to B’s nature he begged to taste the dough, and then immediately spit it out. I think it’s hilarious he always does that. He always thinks that the newest batch will somehow not taste overly salty.

And we finished off the day with our Campfire friends. We’re gearing up for our Bowl-A-Thon Charity Fundraiser. The kiddos are super excited and I think it’s a great way for them to raise funds and have fun serving their community.

making salt dough ornaments with campfire friends

The kiddos also went through another lesson on impov, made salt dough ornaments to take home, and played games with balloons. Some how an hour is never enough for our meetings, and it always goes by way too fast. I remain incredibly thankful for B’s Campfire group and the friends he’s made as a result. It’s always the highlight of my week, for sure.

The Boy was thirsty somehow from all the ornament making

So, now I’m going to do a quick post Campfire clean up, bake a batch of cookies (once D Brooks comes home, these late evening cookie fests will go by the way side, for sure and for certain), and watch The Christmas Carol on the Netflix. Even though the day started rotten it sure ended up pretty sweet.