Today was originally supposed to be something else entirely, but those plans were scrapped, along with about three or four other subsequent fill-in, last minute plans. But I refuse to complain because all our plans were altered due to the rain, which Central Texas is in dire need of, so I take this whole change of plans thing in stride.

So The Boy and I ended up starting our day slow. Little B’s Advent Tree Activity was to make I Spy ornaments for his cousins. I found this particular idea through one of the pages on Facebook I subscribe to, and thought the idea so fantastic that we vowed to use it as part of our advent activities. Little B loved it so much he made one for himself as well.

Here is the link:

We had pre-purchased the needed supplies earlier in the week, and had also picked up shatter proof plastic ornaments to fill, since all the cousins B was gifting this to are younger than he is and glass was going to be an issue. B had a blast putting these together and playing with them afterwards. The idea is pretty cute.

The only thing we did differently was that we used fake snow to fill the balls with. I couldn’t find the stuff the website had called for, so we made do. It worked out pretty well and we ended up with some cute ornaments.

After our ornament making session one of B’s friends was dropped off for an impromptu sleepover. B was ridiculously excited to spend time with one of his closest friends and I was happy for it as well, because I”m working on finals for next week and two papers and a nice distraction for my boy was extremely appreciated.

I did take the boys to an on post Christmas event that was near our home. Santa was on hand to speak to the boys, they were given presents, and then after eating a light meal and making crafts we went home to kill time before the highlight of the night: The Parade of Lights on Lake Belton.

Originally we were going to go fake ice skating (yes, fake ice skating) followed by the Holiday Under the Stars event Killeen hosts each year. We really enjoy it, even though it’s always crazy busy. I love watching a holiday movie while sipping hot cocoa and eating cookies. We always look forward to it. But it was cancelled.

Then we were considering attending Cove’s parade, but that also got cancelled.

Then we thought about attending the Train Depot’s Christmas event, but it was too early in the am and we just knew we’d miss it.

We considered attending Austin’s Boxer Rescue Adoption Day, but didn’t wake up in time.

And finally, we thought we’d hit Burnett for the live nativity thing they are putting on for two weekends, except I saw a blurb that mentioned they’d forgo the event in the case of inclement weather. So that was out.

So, it was the Parade of Lights for us. Which really sounded like fun anyway. I’ve been wanting to visit The Dead Fish Grill in Belton for a while. The thought of watching boats decked out in lights on Belton Lake sounded super fun to us, so we headed that way for dinner and boat parade watching. It really was fun. We had a blast and the boys had me in giggles all night with their conversation topics.





The night could have ended there but we ended up stopping at Yo-Yo’s for frozen yogurt.

It’s been a crazy good day. I’ll be happy when next week I can breathe a little easier knowing that Brooks will be home shortly AND the semester will be done and over with.

Life remains sweet, regardless of the circumstances.