I’ve definitely been in Texas too long. I kept The Boy indoors today because it was just too cold… for me. Little B was a good sport about it. We’d been out half the morning anyway, Mommy getting ready for Daddy’s return (pedi and some shopping for me – thanks Tanja, for the invite!), that Little B wasn’t too upset about being kept indoors the rest of the day.

Little B enjoyed the Target/Sling Shot course we set up around the house

Helping me make a fruit salad for our snack

But, I felt that this too-cold-for-Momma weather was on the same level as a too rainy to play outdoors day. So I put together some fun stuff for us to do, that would get us moving around. We put on socks and slipped and slid all over the floor. That surely never gets old. I made copies of targets and set up a target course for BB to shoot at, with his sling shot (and balls of wadded up paper, for safety’s sake). We played board games, the kind that take longer than thirty minutes. And we worked on our Advent Activity Tree, well, activity, for today: making and decorating with paper snowflakes.

working on paper snowflakes, one of the boy's favorite Christmas time activities

So although the weather was deliciously cold we kept busy and moving and happy. Little B is so excited about his Daddy coming home, especially on the heels of Christmas, that I don’t want him dwelling on the time between now and then. When he spoke to him recently Brooksy told his Daddy when he would be home; he was so excited it didn’t dawn on him that his Daddy knows  more than we do.

opening one of the snowflakes

These last days will be nail biters for sure. I’m glad I’ve got my Little B to keep me busy from here till then.