The radio station/TV tower

Wednesdays always go by in a blur. It’s that midpoint of the week thing, I suppose, and with Brooks coming home any day now, I’m glad for the busyness and the opportunities for distractions from the time.

The beginning of the tour

After our regular morning routine and homeschool we headed to the Central Texas Campus for a field trip with fellow homeschoolers. One of the ladies had organized a trip to the radio station/PBS station. I’m big on field trips and exposing Brooks to as many new experiences as possible. I’ve always said that if we’re going to homeschool we’re going to take advantage of the fact that B is home by going on excursions, field trips, and doing lots of hands on learning. We’ve been here so long that we really have done a lot and even then there’s always something new to do. That’s exciting.

At the radio station recording room

The field trip was loads of fun. Brooks was able to play with other kiddos before the start. The tour itself was incredibly detailed. I was surprised at how much info the guy gave the kiddos and how well he kept everyone’s attention. The kiddos were taken into the room that the radio programs are recorded live from, the studio where live taped segments are recorded, another room where the technicians control the teleprompter and other techy things, and even another room where another guy sits and makes sure that the audio, picture, and other details on the screen are perfect.

The TV studio

Afterwards Brooks was able to play a little bit more with his friends. His friends invited him to come over and play and since I still had crazy studying to do and a trip to the grocery store (that The Boy abhors) I said yes. Plus, Brooksy really enjoys these boys and I know with my crazy schedule lately he hasn’t been able to play with his friends the way he’d like, so I was super grateful for the invite.

The room where the guy gets to watch TV all day :)

By the time I picked B up the boys weren’t ready to say goodbye and B asked if they could spend the night. It’s a Wednesday, and this is why I love homeschooling so much. I’m not beholden to anyone’s schedule but my own. With Little B busy tonight with his friends I’ll get loads done, but more so, I’m grateful for the distraction for him because he’s been so anxious for his Daddy coming home. He wakes up each morning wanting to know if I’ve heard anything or if I’ve gotten a hard date yet.

I really forget the technical name of this room, it's kind of like the brain room of the whole place though, if I'm right.

So, I’m thankful for our busy, fun filled, new friends sleeping over Wednesday. I’m thankful for another day closer to getting Brooks home. I’m thankful for a semester almost over.

And a group shot

PS. Our advent tree activity for today was to work on B’s secret Santa. He chose a friend to make a gift for. Other than me buying the necessary ingredients we never got around to it. I say we enjoy double the advent activity tree tomorrow!