When I was little my mom drilled into us that we were going to college. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t plan on attending college after graduation from high school. As we got older Mom would say from time to time that we should never get married before finishing our degrees.

Ten years later and I’ve just recently finished my associates. True story.

This particular semester has been pretty agonizing. Somehow I earned an associates without taking Statistics. My advisor was kind enough to point out the fact that I won’t earn my BA without it; in fact, I’m not officially a Pysch major until I do. She has to keep signing off on my classes since technically I’m a gen ed major.

Two weeks into this course and I was already in tears. I could see a big fat F marring my otherwise stellar academic achievements. And I’d just been inducted into some fancy shmancy Penn State World Campus adult learner honor society. Just last semester. I was worried they’d kick me out (they still might). I wonder if they kick me out if they’ll let me back in?

Oh boy, oh boy.

Fast forward to this week. I was sitting pretty on a B +. But I still needed to take my crazy 20 percent of my grade final. I’d figured out that I only needed to get 4 questions right on my exam to walk away with a 70%.  True story. Basically an 8%.   See, I”m pretty good at stats.

The pressure! The stress! The need to drink large quantities of coca-cola!

So, today, after the end of B’s sleepover and then Spanish tutoring, I headed to the Education Center on post for my final.

And then things got crazy.

The proctor couldn’t locate any file on me with my handy dandy password for the exam.

She assured me it would be okay. “But I just need to get four questions right….”” I lamely replied. “Just four.”

She kindly walked me out of her inner sanctum to the hall where she delivered me to a lady perusing a utility closet. That lady went to her office and reiterated that, nope, nothing from Penn State with my name had ever been received by them.

At this point big ol’ crocodile tears welled up in my eyes. But I figured it was Thursday and maybe I could still take the exam tomorrow, right? I called Penn State and some nice guy was kind enough, after a nerve inducing hold, to assure me that although no one at Penn State could help me but my professor (and he couldn’t locate a phone number for him), that he’d try to find one of the TA’s. That sounded dismal and far fetched in my book.

I made my way across the Education Center to use their computer lab to email my professor directly. Interesting note about the Education Center on post: they don’t have WiFi. Really? It’s an education center. But you can’t access the internet from your own computer. Really?

FYI, my professor had emailed me this morning that he’d emailed the password. Which didn’t make me feel better since no one could find the email.

After making my way back to the lady I’d previously met in the supply closet, and repeating that I just needed to get four questions right on my exam, just four, she slipped me a business card with the email address of the proctor. Turns out the testing center had recently changed the email address they use for protored exams. But they hadn’t updated their website and I had been unable to ever call them and not get a busy tone.

Note to self. Make the drive to the EC next time and ask in person.

Live and learn.

At that point, I cried. Big ol’, crazy, snot inducing tears. The poor guy in the office got so flustered he insisted the girl check every folder in the proctors email account. He made me spell my name ten times, the professors as well, the name of my college. And all the while I kept repeating that I just needed four questions right. That if I had to take this class over again I might lose it (I’m wondering now if that poor guy thought that my tears didn’t count as losing it).

And then… BINGO! They found the darn email.

I almost high fived the poor fools. They were as excited as I was. We were all grinning like fools and laughing a little too loudly and a tad bit hysterically. Maybe that was just me.

After settling down at the computer to take my exam, after the password was entered, and the lady wished me good luck, I scrolled through my exam to get a feel for how panicked I should be. And you know what I saw? And this is the funniest part yet. Because this whole thing, really, is quite funny. Half the test was graphs and other mathematical chart things (see, I’ve learned so much this semester!). Except that apparently internet explorer wasn’t the web browser to go with. Because I couldn’t see a single darn chart or graph.

Even funnier: the questions below the nonexistant pictures had statements like: According to the graph… and As stated above…

I laughed. Quite loudly. I was hushed.

That’s FUNNY!

I contemplated calling over the proctor and asking her to end the test so I could call Penn State’s dandy tech support. And then I thought of my four questions. And the fact that this semester has been HORRID. And that I really loathed this class, regardless of how interesting statistics is. I scrolled through the whole exam got a feel for all the questions I could answer and dug right in. And then I went back through and blindly guessed at all the one’s with the nonexisting pictures.

And then I hit the little submit button and closed my eyes.

And when I opened them, I had earned a 56%. I have never, ever gotten an F. That is just plain crazy. Never ever. But I was so happy to get that 56% that I cried some more. I got my four questions and then some.

So, all semester everyone has been telling me I’d ace this class. And for the record, I appreciate and love everyone who has been so kind and supportive. But I knew this class was going to be tough. That 56% dropped my high B to a high C. And even then I had to laugh at that because maybe, just maybe, if I’d been able to see the charts and graphs and things, maybe then I would have finished with a measly low B-.

So I’m hoping to ace my Pysch class so that my average for the semester isn’t too crazy. And I’m hoping that somehow I’m still in the top 20 percent so I don’t lose my membership in Pi Delta Chi. It’s the little things! The little things!

So yay for passing Stat.

I came home and ate bad for me food and drank too much diet soda and watched too much mindless TV. I just needed an afternoon off from being responsible and decent and proper and engaged.

You know, to go with that high C 🙂