park day fun with fellow homeschoolers

I’ve been perusing petfinder for weeks now trying to find a new boxer family member. I filled out an application with Austin Boxer Rescue, had a home visit, and pored over their boxer profiles. I’ve visited the animal shelter on post and off. And every time we’ve seen a boxer posted we never make it in time to adopt them or they get picked up by their owners, as they should.

A few days ago I had seen that Killeen’s Animal Control had posted a photo of a male boxer. But I figured he belonged to someone and was probably on a stray hold. And then yesterday I saw that he was listed as adoptable but with finals I just couldn’t make it out that way.

being a gentleman at the park

brooksy at home with our new boy

So this morning Brooks and I got through a shortened homeschool day so that we could see if perhaps, by some miracle, he was actually still there. And he was. And he was beautiful. And big. And so handsome to boot. I didn’t think twice about thinking about it. We’ve been wanting another boxer for a bit now and he looked so forlorn and thin and defeated that I just needed to take him home with us.

at the holiday under the stars event in killeen

We took him with us to a homeschool park day get together and he was wonderful and patient. And then he laid in the car and slept while we ate out with new friends. And then, tonight, in lieu of a regular Campfire meeting, we went to the Holiday Under the Stars event at the Killeen Community Center. And we left our new pup at home and I was so nervous he would destroy the kitchen in ourĀ absence, but he was perfect! Not a thing disturbed!

our advent tree activity for today was to go ice skating with friends and although brooks is smiling here he really didn't enjoy it since he kept falling and had a hard time balancing himself

It was nice to spend a day with friends. It’s even sweeter to welcome a new member into our little family.

group shot!

I can’t wait for Big Brooks to meet our new boxer. He’s just going to love him, I just know it!

watching a christmas story before heading home for an impromptu campfire boys sleepover