I’m exhausted so I’m going to keep this post short.

Mostly I’m exhausted because bringing in a new dog into our family isn’t the easiest thing… for me. Big Brooks would have had all three pups frolicking in the grass merrily, all the while bestowing slobbery kisses on each other. Me?  Not so much.

I have to say though, all things considered, it could have been much worse.

For starters, B had three of his friends spend the night. The boys stayed up late, since it’s kind of a rule as far as sleepovers go. I was up with our new dog, which we keep renaming, so the poor thing never knows when we’re actually speaking to him. I took him out to the potty pretty regularly to prevent accidents beginning in the house.

And for some reason he won’t go by himself. I physically have to go out with him. So I’m working on breaking him of that. Because it’s really cold out. And it’s kind of creepy in the middle of the night.

So I slept fitfully and in short bursts.

And the boys woke up early because they wanted to make sure they got a lot of play in before they had to leave. They ate 14 cheesy scrambled eggs between them and snacked on homemade chocolate cookies all the while alternating between video games, nerf guns, sword fighting, and really interesting rounds of hide and seek tag.

And all the while I was deep cleaning the house and rearranging furniture (small, not heavy pieces, for those of you who might scold me for breaking with doctor’s orders).

I typically do a deep clean once a week. True story. It’s the OCD in me. But with my schedule being what it’s been and JayJay’s passing (she was a heavy shedder) I haven’t had to. But with my semester almost over and finally, TIME, on my hands, I went through the house and did all the neat little extra cleaning things I love, all the while moving things around.

Because the thing is, if we don’t move I have to move things around or I get antsy. I blame it on moving so often when we were younger. Little B typically hates me moving things around. It irks him. He detests change. But today he actually complemented me on my changes and said they looked nice. Maybe he’s just being nice 🙂

So we had a nice day. B got to spend most of the day with his friends, I got to clean like a mad woman, the dogs are getting used to each other, and Little B and I made pine cone peanut butter treats for the birds as part of our advent tree activity for today.

Tomorrow I take my final final and we’ll be one day closer to welcoming Big Brooks home.

And maybe we’ll finally pinpoint a name for The Dog. Poor thing.