Three in our pack, day three went really well today. I have to say, I’m rather impressed with our new pooch, newly named Marley by the biggest Brooks who, I might add, got to meet him via Facetime this morning. Marley is super chill, though you can tell that he wants to play, but perhaps never learned how to. From time to time I can coach him into playing with different toys and he really wants to play with Little Man. Mostly he follows me around and gives me kisses and wobbly, big footed boxer wiggles.

Marley and Nya are reaching an agreement, as far as those things go. They are tolerating each other and Marley is trying to win her over, I think. He licks her and shakes at her but she mostly hides behind my legs. True story. I’ll leave Big Brooks to sort out what all that means. I’m just content that they aren’t killing each other AND that Marley is finally going potty without me walking him out every single time.

After an amazing start to our day, a phone call from my beau, we headed to church to meet up with friends. Brooks had a blast and after running errands I dropped him off at his friends house for a playdate I had forgotten about. I’m thankful my friends are so understanding about my scattered brain lately.

B had a blast and I was able to come home and get some things done. I love my Brooks to pieces but he’s like a mini me, he really is. He talks a mile a minute and has so much to say. All the time. And I love it except that I like to listen to him and engage him and ask questions and make comments and it’s hard to do that when I’m trying to think through different tasks. So it was nice to get things done without having to pause myself mid thought several times.

After B’s playdate he and went for a walk around the neighborhood to look at the lights while drinking hot cocoa. That was our advent tree activity for today. B loved taking cocoa on our walk and the puppies were excited to get out of the house. Marley is a champ on the leash, except that he likes to follow behind B so no matter where BB went Marley followed him instead of following me. We’ll have to work on that.

Then we came home and made homemade candy cane playdough. We had tried our hand at this before but I hadn’t been able to find peppermint extract, just mint, and it didn’t turn out candy cane-ish. And I had also been short on red food coloring so it looked more pink than red. With the proper ingredients the playdough turned out great and B had a blast playing with it.

We got the idea and the recipe from The Artful Parent:

I have to say cooked playdough is the best. It really turns out much nicer than regular playdough mixed in a bowl, without cooking. The texture is amazing and makes for easy to play with dough.

After our playdough was made we watched Ponyo with leftover chocolate chip cookies from B’s sleepover the other night. I call that the perfect ending to a pretty stellar day. And the best part? We’re yet again one day closer to being home with D.Brooks.