Brooks has been home for a few days. My sister and grandmother had made plans to visit us for the holidays earlier in the deployment. They didn’t want us spending Christmas alone since we weren’t expecting Brooks home until February. So of course, when we began hearing that he might return early, the big question was whether or not we minded them being here.

This family visiting thing question comes up fairly often. After a long separation due to deployment, it’s not uncommon to want to only spend time alone, without visitors or traveling coming into play. Some people like company after deployments end, others prefer to be alone. After five deployments I’m sure we don’t have a particular stance on the issue. We do enjoy spending a few days alone but love having company visit and vice versa.

I was so touched that my sis and grandma had made plans to visit us, from the get go. My grandmother is getting older and frail and so traveling is difficult for her. Knowing she was willing to put up with the craziness of travel to be with The Boy and I meant a lot to me. Plus, we don’t get to see her too often. Sadly. My sister is another story. She makes sure to visit quite often and is a huge part of our day to day, even in her absence. So I was thrilled they would be here after Brooks got here.

My gosh, I’m feeling like surely this will be the best Christmas ever.

My grandma even came laden with traditional Puerto Rican goodies since my dad, who will also be visiting, is planning on making a traditional Christmas dinner for us.

Getting back to the family visiting question, I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that it’s a personal choice that should always be respected. It’s like a pregnant woman, you know? Whatever she says really should go, within reason of course. A soldier who has been away from home and loved ones should have the ability to make a decision about family visiting. Everyone’s different and opinions are different and I think that’s what makes life so exciting and amazing. All the differences.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, really I can’t. Everyone is tucked into their beds, exhausted from a long day, good food, and great company. Tomorrow will be much of the same, with new memories made, stories shared, and laughter to spare.

Life truly is sweet!