Marley and I both had to see our doctor’s today.

Poor Marley has kennel cough and is now on the mend. Two days ago I noticed he wasn’t acting like himself and was very sleepy and shunning water, one of his favorite things, believe it or not. And then his nose began running like crazy and that worried me tons. After losing JayJay I couldn’t help but jump to the worst conclusion.

Thankfully it’s an easy fix and now the running joke around here is that once he gets to feeling better he’s going to be a real handful! Poor Marley!

The vet also told us he appears to be a year old, which made me chuckle since it’s the conclusion everyone has given us.

I’m just glad our big boy is feeling a bit better and will be 100 percent super soon.

As for myself, after a morning of doctor hopping I’m feeling better too and just needing to take things a bit easier. I really am beginning to feel like a little old lady, one in poor health that is. I’m so thankful for my family being here because I was able to go to the doc without dragging Brooks from place to place in the rainy weather. Plus, it’s nice to have company when one’s feeling crummy, I think anyway.

So hopefully tomorrow is a better day. We are planning on having Thanksgiving, since we missed celebrating it with Big Brooks. We are going to pick out our tree and decorate it. And eat until we’re ready to pop. My mom is GREAT! She’s offered to make the meal so that Bree can pull things out of the shed for me so we can find all our Christmas decorations. We haven’t done any of it yet since we traditionally wait until the tree is up to decorate. What are traditions if you don’t keep them 😉

And yes, somehow, in the midst of it all, I plan on taking it easy.

It’s doable.