If you manage things just right, deployments are notorious for adding some bulk to your savings. However, just as long as it takes to save the extra cash, your soldier may have been conceiving of ways to spend it.

Wives aren’t immune to concocting ways of spending the extra cash. For sure things come up from time to time,but, if you’re careful, it’s a nice way of padding the bank account.

The ends of deployments can create whirl winds of shopping sprees. We’ve done this five times, though, so in this regard we’ve learned over time how to manage the extra cash load. Budgeting is key. Self control is high up there too. Slims open communication about expectations.

So today we did a little shopping. I had high hopes of buying organizational stuff for all of Brooks’s Army stuff. We had fun browsing around Ikea, ate yummy Indian food, and came home to relax.

My sister thinks massages would be perfect tomorrow. I’m thinking pedi’s. Mayhaps both.