Truth be told, I spent a few hours cleaning today.  True story. The house was in dire straights, laundry had piled up as quickly as it was being put away, and all that nifty Ikea organizational stuff was calling my name.

Thankfully for me, Dad cooked us up a delicious pot of Puerto Rican rice with pigeon peas.  I supposedly helped, though I mainly handed him ingredients and taste tested. It was nice either way.

afterwards Here and Brooks headed out to eat sushi so I could clean the house solo. I love that those two get along so well. It’s nice. Window kept me company and Little B kept himself busy.

We finished off the day with gingerbread house assembling, a lively game of Charades, and Christmas stories with the dogs in tow. I honestly can’t believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Its hard not to remember those spending the holidays without their soldier home. Little B’s best friend’s Momma is deployed, as are the spouses of several of our friends. Its heart wrenching to think of them, and I pray their holiday is spent surrounded with friends or loved ones.

I can’t wait for our Christmas Eve! Its going to be busy and fun and amazing. Having my sister and graham here is the icing on the cake!