Today’s gone by in a blur. We’ve kept busy from the moment we woke up until now.  Exhaustion has been setting in for some time now and I.m ready to call it a day. But there are still presents to place under the tree, and blogging to do. So, it’s not quite goodnight for me, but I’m getting there.

I am so incredibly grateful for today. I know I say that a lot. And perhaps it’s born of a life spent recognizing all the little things that make life so sweet, even when those things weren’t attainable by me. So I am grateful for today. For waking up next to my beau. For three amazing pooches. For family visiting and filling our home with laughter galore and warmth that can’t be replicated in any other way. For my littlest Brooks and all the joy and awesomeness he brings to my life.

This Christmas hasn’t been traditional in the least.  Our tree was purchased just s few days ago. It smells like wet dirt, not pine in the least. Our advent activity tree had several activities that went by the wayside. But the thing is, it really is perfect. Brooks is here with us, when so many others are still so far from home. The tree looks amazing, after finally getting it decorated, today.B penned his letter to Santa just this morning. True story. And in an amazing twist, Santa called B and left him spellbound nd overjoyed. We made Santa delicious mice cookies. They’re too cute. We even made the reindeer treats as well. We played games, ate good food, and read stories by the tree. What could be more perfect? I.

I’m so thankful for the noise, and laughter, and moments. All of them.

I can’t wait to see Little B’s face tomorrow when he opens presents. But more so the look on Big Brooks’s face as he takes it all in. Life is so darn good. I’ll take the exhaustion of a life well lived any day.