Today went by so fast. Too fast, for a day you try and savor each moment. After the boys opened their Christmas presents, a breakfast of crepes (BB’s request) we headed into Austin so that Bree could catch her flight into  Portland.

I hate saying goodbye to my Brenda. We’re always saying goodbye. And I’m so grateful she chose to spend the holiday with us. It went by too fast and I’m not quite sure when we’ll see her again. But I’m so glad for these past few days and I’ll just hope that the time between now and then goes by quickly.

And so we came home and Abuela and I played a crazy amount of Parcheesi, and talked nonstop. I can’t remember the last time I had my grandmother to myself.’It was nice. She’s funny and had me in stitches. I’ll miss her tons when we have to say goodbye to her as well.

On a side note, this morning, as B emptied out his stocking, we found a slip of paper we had written on last year. We had written, each of us, things we had hoped to accomplish for the year. Neither one of us could remember penning those thoughts. And yet we its have, on some level, since we had worked on just those things this year. Little B had said he’d work on listening better, and being more obedient. And he did. I had said I’d work on not stretching myself too thin, keeping stress at bay, and saying no when necessary. And I can say with certainty that I’ve learned to live within those means.And my biggest Brooks had hoped to work on work related things, amd did. For not remembering what we’d done, or written, I am so incredibly proud of us. And I’m hoping and striving for an even better year ahead, full of love and patience and grace.