I know it sounds weird, but even though Brooks was gone all those months, having him here, no work, makes it feels like he was never anywhere but here. The routine of then is the routine of now. Our day to day. Except that somehow, as normal as it feels, you can never shake the gratefulness of having him here, in the present, in the flesh.

Sleeping in, working around the house, hitting the gym (or rather the boys, me not so much, unless you count walking on the treadmill at a snail’s pace), and even watching a movie after a quick dinner. I could have a lifetime of days just like this, laying endlessly before me.

Just like during RandR, I”m trying hard not to pay attention to the calendar, though. Trying not to gauge how many days until he has to go back to work, though that won’t be bad, per se. Brooksy has homeschool, I have my own, and life does have to go back to “work normal.” But I am loving these days of no alarm clocks, and unhurried conversations over food, and smooching on the couch.

Best Christmas ever, for sure.