I did say it was a mini road trip.

Even though the office is still under reorganization craziness, and the shed needs to be tackled (all before my next semester starts) we wanted to head out for some fun today. I’m pretty good about finding stuff to do locally, but sometimes, like now, there isn’t a whole lot going on in the nearby area and we have to drive a bit further for something fun or quirky or novel to do.

Killeen does have it’s share of things, though we’ve been here so long that we’ve done all the local drive things. And really, Austin is kind of a local drive thing except that the traffic around the downtown area tends to get my nerves all frazzled. Waco is actually a tad bit closer, coming in at about a 50 minute drive. Austin takes a good 70 minutes if all goes well.

So, after deciding on what city we wanted to go to, I did some googling and found a few things for us.

We can’t go into Austin without having some good trailer food. Little B has an infatuation with this one trailer that makes crazy good sloppy joes (unfortunately for Little B that particular trailer was AWOL today). After some yummy vegan eats we headed to the Bob Bullock State Museum for an early showing of Mission Impossible at the IMAX.

It was amazing. Though a few times I thought I was going to lose it. I can’t watch that action stuff without taking it too seriously.

I love love loved spending a lazy early afternoon with my boys.

We had planned on going to Whole Foods to pick up some Veg-Sal and Bragg’s. Then we were going to head over to check out the Mutt Cracker performance, which was supposed to entail performing dogs, puppets, unicyclists and who knows what else. I was pretty excited about the puppets. Little B was excited about it all, and I’m not sure what D.Brooks was excited about unless he was just happy that we were happy.

But the thing about Whole Foods, other than the expensiveness of it all, is that we love it so much we can get lost in there. We were smart this time, except for one thing: we lost track of time. Though we stuck to our budget. Mostly.

We were in there for too long and missed our Mutt’s performance. We might try to catch them before they stop performing at the end of the month, but then again, that’s just in two days. So we’ll see.

Either way  we had a blast, ate good food, and the drive is always an interesting mix of good conversation topics and reflections. Life is too good.