Brooks is such a trooper. I know this personally because even though the last thing he wanted to do today was to help reorganize the office, that’s what he did today. Between spending some time with Little B and watching a little TV, he went through paperwork, helped as I sorted items, and kept me motivated by keeping me company. I’ve been up since five. No joke. And although this isn’t high on my list of things to do while Brooks is on leave, I hate to forgo it knowing that when he goes back to work I go back to school, The Boy begins his second semester, and there will be no time or patience for all this craziness.

The dining room table is piled high and low with Goodwill items.

The back door is a fire hazard as it’s blocked off with bags and bags and bags of trash.

Odds and ends are scattered here and there as I contemplate where to make them fit, in our little tiny home that we love so much.

And forget about dinner. My saving grace was amazing sandwiches I made the boys on Whole Food’s crazy good seed bread, with sprouts, arugula, avocado, swiss, tomato, red onions, and love of course.

Dinner wasn’t so stellar. The poor Boy was fed a can of Chef Boyardi while his father ordered a pizza.

I’m just happy exhaustion hasn’t set in, like most days. I’m getting this pacing myself thing down.

A full day of work and the office is looking crazy good.

Tomorrow the shed is mine. And I’ll squeeze in some New Year’s eve festivities while I can.