As I was tinkering in the kitchen today…you know, over three square meals made from scratch, a la D.Brooks, it dawned on me that I haven’t baked a thing in a few days now. Nary a sugary treat, or light and buttery delectable something.

Nothing. Nada.

With my family visiting I was cooking, at times, meals that would appeal to everyone at our table. But with family gone, it’s just us, and D.Brooks likes healthy, wholesome, made from scratch meals.

And I love keeping my beau happy and well fed.

When Brooks deploys I cook for two, amd really one and a half, if you think about it. And sometimes I would cook one big meal and eat it over two or three days. Or we’d eat out and take advantage of those kids eat free deals. And I definitely baked, pretty much everyday. With real sugar, no less. And loads of butter, for good measure.

So we’ve reverted back to meals the Brooks way: whole grains, no meat, no sugar, nuts, beans… You get the picture. I’ve been cooking some crazy good meals. But I’m missing the baking.

I think tomorrow, tomorrow I bake. Mayhaps some whole grain muffins or homemade granola.

Something for the snack jar, and my boys.