This might sound strange, but it is what it is: watching Brooks parent the littlest Brooks is like watching a master at work. It’s a beautiful thing. And it is more so because the man is gone most of the time and yet he’s got this parent thing down pat.

He’s stern at times, sure.

And boy is he consistent!

But I’ve been doing this parent thing for eight years now, and mostly alone, but he makes it look easy when it’s especially not.

Like I said, it’s a beautiful thing.

For example, this morning, after sharing a concern with D.Brooks, he stared at me, made little under the breath noise and said he’d take care of it later.

Whew! Off my plate! I thought to myself. Because if D.Brooks says he’ll take care lift, it’s as good as done.

Over breakfast D.Brooks brings up the offending topic. Not all slow and steady. All out on the table, all at once. And with a few  probing questions, stern looks, and no nonsense approach the issue was resolved.

At one point D.Brooks admonished B for mot being straightforward in his response. What? Somehow I missed that, but not D.Brooks. Little B readily admitted that he’d done just that. Nothing slips by the man. I love it!

For someone who’s had time to stretch her parenting chops a while, it’s funny to see my beau stretch his so well.

It reminds me of one deployment where Little B was being so consistently stubborn and disobedient and I was not relenting, but man was I ever tired and exhausted from the effort. And Big brooks happened to call, at which point I informed him that he would have to speak to HIS son.

After a long pregnant pause, Brooks quietly informed me that yes, he could speak to OUR son but that would only temporarily fix the issue of BB not obeying me. That I would have to fix it because I was the parent present.

Of course that made sense. And of course he was right. The easy fix was to have someone else take care of it for me.

He wows me all the time, with his intuition, steadfastness, and love.

He’s such a great dad. We’re pretty lucky to have him.

And I’m especially thankful to share the parenting burden with my better half.

Life is sweeter than most these days!