The days between now and the end of leave are quickly approaching. And with almost three weeks of neglecting errands, e-mails, phone calls, and other necessary things I had to sit down today and figure things out: our new schedule with Brooks home, Little B’s activities, my school schedule,  and volunteering commitments.

After three weeks of pretending nothing else but my family rests on my plate, reality is setting in…and it’s a bit overwhelming, making everything fit when I know I’ll have to fight fatigue consistently.

Organization is my sanity. That, amd being able to multitask while adhering to a schedule that has everything written out. It helps. Me anyway.

In the midst of all my planning I remembered that we had neglected to prepare for Three King’s Day. So before sharing a birthday dinner with my beau we headed to the toy store. Tonight Little B will set out a shoebox with grass and water for the Three King’s camels, as they travel around the world visiting the homes of children on their way to visit Baby Jesus.

For our family it’s how we round off the Christmas season, the day we put away the decorations and strip the tree of lights and ornaments. For me, it’s an opportunity to share with Little B something from my childhood.

Yay for holiday and birthdays. Boo for vacations ending and returns to schedules.