Deployments equal extra cash, and although it’s true that there are typically extra expenses when Brooks deploys, I always find ways to save money, such as with insurance, cel phone, exceterra. In the end, we end up saving.


The thing with saving though is the ability to spend. And it’s not uncommon for soldiers to come home with a slew of wants or needs. Spouses too, if they’ve been pinching pennies, might feel the urge to spend, spend, spend.


Personally spending loads of money makes me feel I’ll.  I chalk it up to living paycheck to paycheck early on in our marriage.


So although we have items we’d like to buy I’m just not willing to deplete our savings to do it. It’s all about  budgeting and delayed gratification and patience. It’s about living within our means and being content with what we’ve been blessed with. It’s about leading by example: teaching little b how to save and how to be a good steward of all he’s been blessed with.


So today we did a little shopping, got a good deal, and had fun without the guilt.


My kind of day.