I’m a big ol’ fan of birthdays. Love them.

Love celebrating them.

Love planning them.

Love sharing them with those I love.

And today was my birthday. And I got to celebrate it with my two boys. I can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday.

Today was somewhat bittersweet, only because tomorrow we return to life normal. To schedules, and commitments, and work, and school, and activities, and sports… in short, life.

For the last three weeks life has been on hold as we relished in Leave, in sleeping in and staying up late. In lazy dinners and unhurried conversations and lots and lots of play. In days melding into each of other of doing as we pleased and little responsibility. Gosh, it’s been great.

So today my birthday, and the last day of leave.

Tomorrow work and school.

And regardless it’ll be perfect because my boys will be here with me and we’ll be sharing in our day to day, face to face, not over the phone or emails or snail mail. In short, perfect.