I’m beat, and it’s only Tuesday.

True story.

Our days have been busy, from the moment we wake up until I lay my head down on my pillow. Little B’s schoolwork takes about four hours. And between meals, housework, and the exceteras of life, I’ve found it hard to squeeze in my own schoolwork. I’m thinking I could wake up earlier, but then again, may haps I just need to take a step back and realize it’s okay. It is only Tuesday and things have a way of popping up you couldn’t account for. And those you can. Like bowling with the boys yesterday. Or new furniture, tutoring, and B’s practice today.

From start to finish a busy day.

And either way I remain incredibly grateful for the moments between the busyness. For reading books with Little B at bedtime. For watching him practice basketball with Big Brooks by my side. For good meals shared with those we love. For the upcoming four day weekend and for good health and all wonderful things in between.

Today, while venting to Brooks that I just didn’t feel like I’d spent enough time with Brooks, which is silly since he’s here with me all day, and I know I’m rather doting, he asked if my purpose was to vent or advice. And you know, just having him here, next to me, sharing life’s journey in the flesh, gosh that was good enough to ground me and remind me that even though we never got to the cool art project I found on the internet this morning, even though we didn’t get to play a quirky game I was dying to try with him… that it’s okay. It’s all in keeping things in perspective.

And taking deep breaths.