Today was crazy busy. And that’s okay, except that my semester is three days in and I’ve yet to do any homework. Okay, I did read about five pages out of one textbook, but that’s neither here nor there when I have four chapters to read and several assignments due. And tomorrow my beau is taking me to see a quote along rendition of Anchorman, and homework won’t’ be accomplished tomorrow either.


So, busy day Wednesday started off well. The Boy and I home schooled,

made some art (,

created a snack for the birds (

and ourselves (Little B was a mean zucchini peeler today, helping me make a batch of zucchini muffins with chopped up nuts and wheat germ thrown in for good measure),

and played a game of Odds and Evens (which I found on familyfun.go) and Ping Pong Basketball (again, with the familyfun.go).

And Little B was blessed enough to spend some time with him friends as tonight was Campfire night and two of his friends were dropped off a whole hour and a half early.

I’m loving days like today. And as much as it’s killing me that I haven’t been able to squeeze my schoolwork in, all the good outweighs the lack of studying: spending my day with my boys, who make me feel every minute of every day that I’ve somehow been blessed beyond measure. And some day I’ll be working. And I’ll be spending a whole lot less time with My Boy, so I’m savoring each second we do get to spend together.

Keeping things in perspectives helps mightily.