Technically date i date. Other isn’t over.  But I fear that of I don’t update the blog it’ll be midnight before I know it and the blog will go  by the wayside.

Even though date night sounds cliche-ish he truth of the matter is that with Little B under foot we need toget out every now and then. Plus, some alone time is always fun… No restricted conversations due to little eats inadvertently listening. And all the pda’s in the world ;). That’s only partly a joke.


Brooks and I attempted Alamo Drafthouses’s rendition of An Norman the quote along. It was crazy good. Ridiculously funny. And I got to wear a mustache. Epic.


Now we find ourselves in a little bar on sixth street with live music, a pool table that is much too slanted, and  good conversations all around.


Blessedbeyond measure doesn’t cover it.


And I miss little b. I’m just saying.