I feel a whole lot of awful for not getting out there and volunteering with my Brooks’ today. But this week is going to be a busy one and I hated for Brooks to miss another day of school, especially when we just got back to schooling after an extended leave with D.Brooks. I could spout off a litany of excuses on why we didn’t go out and serve in our community but that’s exactly what happened.

Little B has been hearing about Martin Luther King Jr. for years now. Both Big Brooks and I have regaled him with stories about that period of our nation’s history, and the courage and tireless work that MLK did for equality in our country.

I was born in the 80’s, and quite honestly, have never experienced racism or prejudice. Watching movies like The Help brings me to tears. Reading about the events of the 60’s always makes me incredibly sad. And I’m always in awe that there were men like MLK who stood up, peacefully, to change things. That’s crazy inspiring and I’m so thankful that our nation has set aside a day to remember Martin Luther King Jr.

So today, after homeschooling, The Boy and I read articles on MLK, watched videos, and talked. We’re planning a trip to visit family in early March and all agreed that a visit to our nation’s capital and the MLK memorial is in order.

I’m so grateful for Martin Luther King, Jr. I’m grateful that my little boy is growing up in this nation.