Poor Mr. Marley. Today The Boy and I drove him to Waco to be neutered. The poor thing had no clue what awaited him. He greeted the vet tech with crazy boxer wiggles and a sloppy tongue. He walked out doozy and crying.

Meanwhile, The Boy and I headed to the Waco Zoo while Marley went through his procedure. Brooks and I were so excited to spend the day Field Tripping it. Brooksy spoke a mile a minute the whole time, clutching my hand tightly in his, and peering into my face every time he shared something, just to make sure I was really, really listening. Because the thing about kids is they have so much to say! Every single one of them. And they just want someone to hang on to every word. It’s not just my Brooks. I’ve noticed it in other young ones, including all my Campfire kiddos. And boy, do they have some good stuff to share!

As we walked around the zoo, reading every single placard hanging within sight, we invented animals of our own choosing, and then fought them in imaginary battles.

After a quick lunch we headed to the Children’s Museum in Waco for some free play. No more reading placards or learning the science or history behind things… just plain fun. Little B went nuts, pounding on drums in the Hueco Indians room, long jumping in the Heart Room, ball play with the blower in the energy room, bubble and water play in the Water Works room, DJ fun in the Sound room, and hilarious hijinks in the Optical Illusion room. We never made it to even half the museum but loved every second we were able to squeeze in.

I’m exhausted. I haven’t spent a whole day on my feet since the cardiologist told me to take it easy. I really, really dislike feeling so tired so easily but am so grateful I made it through a whole day with my boy. I’m hoping we can go back to squeezing in a field trip once a week like we used to, because that’s part of the fun of homeschooling, plus, like B said, the fact that everyone else is in school means he’s able to play and monopolize all the displays. A bit selfish, may haps but oh, so true.