This is going to sound ugly, a little bit, but I think in it’s own way it makes sense. It’s been a bit hectic over here in that we’ve had family visiting since about three days after Brooks came home. My parents just recently left back for Peru, and without family underfoot, we’ve slowly gone back to our regular schedule. Which, for me, is much appreciated because I missed all the little things I normally do in my day to day, for my boys, that are really hard to accomplish when I’m taking care of more than two people. Does that make sense? Or does it make me sound horrid?

Either way, I loved having my family here. I can never see my sister enough. Ever. And my grandma visiting was an incredible gift all in it’s own. That trip we keep talking about, the one where we go to Puerto Rico, is in the works, because I miss my island and I miss my family and I miss the feeling of being home, which sounds weird because I am home but PR feels like home in so many ways. Either way, having Abuela here was crazy good for me. And now with my parents gone I miss them too. But it’s still nice to get back to our normal.

Today, we definitely hit the zone. Homeschool was knocked out in record time. I’m not so secretly excited about how well we’re managing our homeschool time because I just ordered new curriculum to add to our already full daily schedule. So finishing on time, consistently, makes me feel good about adding some new things. The Boy and I were able to come home after a quick errand to pay his Co-Op fees to play, play, play (and yes, I managed to squeeze in some school work too).

We made Gak (one of our favorite activities and one I relish especially since I’m able to pull our our gallon of glue – I am still over excited about being able to purchase glue in a gallon size container). The Boy and I played with the Gak for entirely too long. B figured out, and this is a new one, that if he let the Gak sit on his hands long enough it would look as if it were dripping.

Afterwards we put together a paper robot, made a handprint dragon after learning about Chinese New Year, and went out to enjoy the crazy warmish weather.

We recently gifted our Little Tykes Cube Slide to another family. The Boy has been loving playing in the mulch and dirt that the slide had previously been sitting on. I was considering purchasing another outdoor toy for him to use in that area but the dirt has been so appealing to him that I would hate to take that away from him. We played a few rounds of basketball though I’m not much competition as far as that goes.

And we finished the night with family movie night. Big Brooks found some martial arts/world war 1 flick on the Netflix. I think I’ve been indoctrinated to like action flicks because I don’t remember liking this stuff back in the day and I’m beginning to think somewhere along the way I was brainwashed. I need to think about that some more, I think.

And now my boys have been asleep for some time. Big Brooks wasn’t feeling well this afternoon (a rarity for him, like a solar eclipse or something, weird) and Little B fell asleep as I read to him. The house is too quiet. Even the puppies are all asleep.

It’s enough to remind me of all the things in my life I’m completely grateful for. I can’t imagine ever taking any of it for granted.

And tomorrow is another day.