I was super excited for today: a day with my boys, homework ignored for the day.

The big question was what to do. Honestly, if we let ourselves, we have no qualms about staying at home, curled up on the couch, vegging. Brooks was deployed for a long ten months. Cuddling on the couch is long overdue, and I’m pretty sure all the cuddling that has transpired isn’t even close to making up for all that lost time. I’m just saying.

Brooks mentioned a few times this week that I had found something fun to do in Austin this weekend. The problem was that I couldn’t remember what that was, AND I hadn’t written it down. So after a few minutes on Google and Facebook I found an even that looked promising, and a hike thrown in for good measure.

I’m not a big calendar person. I never know what date it is, though I’m always accurate on the day of the week. Typically, I look it up before we begin homeschooling, but I don’t pay enough attention to it to make much of a difference. Hence the date mess up that occurred today.

I was super excited about attending Octavitas: Celebrating Puerto Ricans in Central Texas. Here is the link which led me to this pretty cool event:http://www.freefuninaustin.com/2012/01/free-puerto-rican-folkloric-dance-event.html  Never mind that it clearly states that this event was on SUNDAY! In my head I saw Saturday and Saturday it would be. Soy Puertoriquena. And as such, I was pretty blessed to spend a few years of my childhood on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. To me, it feels like home: the food, the language, the music, I could go on and on. On the island I attended public school for a little bit (the rest of the time we attended Fort Buchannan’s elementary school). So not only did I learn to read and write in Spanish but I also learned about the amazing history of my island. I try to pass that on to my Littlest Brooks, the pride and amazingness of my people. So when I found out about this event I was super stoked (and a bit sad to know that we’ve been here five years and are just now finding out about The Puerto Rican Folkoric Dance and Cultural Center. For sure, we’ll have to make it a priority to attend their events from now on. I’m thinking of signing up The Boy for one of their classes. http://www.prfdance.org/perform.htm

But I digress.

We showed up and lo and behold, it was the wrong date. I walked into this dance studio type room only to find it empty. I thought that no one had shown up. Nope. It was just a rehearsal since the event is tomorrow. Of course I walk in and everyone stops to stare at me. With huge grins on their faces. Gotta love Puerto Ricans! Friendly and happy to boot!  They quickly laughed at my mistake and invited me to join in their rehearsal, which I did, loving every second of it.Even Brooks joined in a little, as much as he could.

After a lunch on Sixth Street we headed to our hike, which I found somewhere online. I was a bit worried about this particular hike since it was rather secluded, in a neighborhood and without a clear indicator of the trail head. Here is the link to this hike:http://www.localhikesbeta.com/Hikes/Falls-of-San-Gabriel-Greenbelt-Hike-1275

For those with a GPS or phone app that allows the use of coordinates, use that instead. I punched the coordinates into the phone and voila! It took us right to the trail head. We parked right after the bridge and the trailhead was to the left and behind us. Because my little heart thing has me on restrictions of only walking I was happy that this hike was listed as easy. And it was. Easy and beautiful. We had a great time exploring and hiking and laughing and enjoying the scenery. It’s not far from the Killeen area and is close enough to Austin that it’s a great detour on the way home.

Yay for the weekend. And being able to spend our days together. That’s priceless in my book.