Leave it to my boys to think differently than I do. I think, a lot of times, that they amuse me with certain outings or activities or games. I’m constantly finding new things to do at home and outside the home and sometimes I may go a bit overboard. The take away point is that they love me, and amuse me. And that even when I drag them places they’d rather not be that they end up enjoying themselves.

Which brings us to today. I was super stoked leading into Chinese New Year. I found cute little dragon crafts for The Boy to make, recipes to cook and bake, websites to pore over to expand our knowledge of China, it’s history, it’s peoples, and it’s culture. I had the day figured out.

Homeschool. Check.

Spanish tutoring. Check.

Dragon craft making. Check.

Moon cake baking. Unchecked.

Chinese dinner making. By the wayside.

Bizzarre foods episode highlighting China. Forgotten.

Some martial arts Fist titled movie. Discarded.

Instead, we ended up going out to eat dinner, at  a Chinese buffet (B’s fave since he can gorge himself on shrimp and desserts). Whilst finishing up our meal D.Brooks mentioned that it would be fun to see a movie. The Boy made some off handed remarks that went hand in hand with agreeing that that would be stupendous while I lamely mentioned that the moon cakes were going to be unbaked, the movie unviewed, and the Bizarre Foods episode forgotten. But The Boys were so excited and really, they are so good to me that I didn’t have the heart to pout. Plus I really wanted to see this movie but I didn’t want to let on so I could have bargaining rights down the road. True story.

The movie was good. And tomorrow we’ll continue our Chinese New Year celebrations. Why not? It’ll still be fun tomorrow, regardless.