I woke up so tired this morning, so much so that we did not do homeschool at all. No homeschool for Brooks and there’s no way I’ll get any of my own schoolwork done tonight. I’m tired.

The Boy and I managed to learn about Rube Goldberg, though. We saw some videos of some Rube Goldbergs, read up on his life, and then tried our hand at making our own Rube Goldberg: a goldfish feeder. We haven’t finished it but we’ve got quite a few steps drawn out. Little B was all for making one together, and I was too happy to oblige.

And although I was exhausted beyond measure I got my littlest B in the car for his Friday homeschool Park Day, which he absolutely loves. I couldn’t bear to not take him when I knew he was looking forward to it so much.

We were able to squeeze in a visit with a sweet friend (my Campfire co-leader) who had recently had a baby. And I got to hold him, lucky me.

Afterwards we rushed off for Brooks’s basketball team photo.

Followed by a quick ride home for our Campfire meeting. As tired as I was I didn’t have the heart to cancel because the kiddos love the meetings so much, looking forward to meet-up days and calling to confirm. So although the bed was calling my name I mustered up some energy and taught a pretty neat lesson, we watched some Brainpop, read a book, worked on projects, had a three part competition, and sang some silly Campfire songs. And half way through I stopped looking at the time and remembered why I love leading this group so much, why I keep leading year after year. For a small moment there I forgot how tired I was.

Life remains sweet. Always.