Little B had his first game today, which he has been excited about for some time. Myself included. Because what seems like not so long ago, I was sitting on similar bleaches watching the biggest Brooks play ball. It feels full circle in so many ways.

The game started off rocky. By the first few minutes of the first quarter we were down by ten points. Little B played well when he was put in, scoring two points for his team, fist pumping as he ran down the court. He’s got to learn to be a bit more humble, but he’s been working so hard and was so proud of himself that I had a hard time not laughing at his glee. And with an amazing coach by his side (D.Brooks), I can’t even wrap my head around how much he’ll improve this year. This whole sports thing runs so much smoother when DBrooks is home to help: youtube videos can’t replace a Daddy, any way you look at it.