I don’t miss single parenting in the least. I love being able to discuss things with Brooks face to face, as they occur. I love that he’s my sounding board, that I can come to him with concerns or questions or thoughts, and that together we can give those bits and pieces clarity. Parenting a growing boy by myself isn’t easy. There are lots of things I don’t know about boys, but even more poignant, sometimes these two just think different. And Broooks has a way with Little B.

We have always been strict with BB. Brooks has always been more consistent that I ever was, as in consistent all the time. Nothing slides or passes by his attention. Me, sometimes I overlook things in that I speak to The Boy about them but don’t follow through with consequences because I consider The Talk sufficient. I’ve learned over time that Brooks’s way is so much easier.

And it’s so much easier parenting when he’s here with me, helping me. There’s a balance to things.

It’s the way it should be. The three of us, the way it was intended. And so I remain thankful for today, for the here and now, for the way things are.