Sometimes mornings are just hectic. Sometimes it’s just nice to sleep in a little. But then again, sometimes the alarm just doesn’t go off (or a super sweet husband decides you look so comfortable he’d rather you sleep in). Either way our busiest day of the week is Tuesday. Tuesdays are B’s class with the Athenian Academy. Tuesdays are 4H (every other week, thank goodness!). And Tuesdays are supposed to be a visit to a local museum. And Tuesdays are also supposed to be the day we finally check out a Live Action Role Playing group in Richmond (geeky much?!). So Tuesdays are not the day to sleep in, at all. They are the type of day I like to get up super duper early so that everything runs super duper smooth. Especially since I like to homeschool before the long day begins.

This Tuesday we slept in (I probably needed it). This Tuesday I felt quite strongly the house needed to be cleaned top to bottom (though it probably didn’t). And this Tuesday the morning was just crazy. I must have spilled everything I tried to pour or serve. It was just that kind of day. And the smallest furry member of our family had several accidents (Little Man).

So it was no surprise when Little B and I did not finish his schoolwork on time. But I was adamant we’d finish (though I knew we’d return home too late for it to happen). So we took our last two subjects with us: Writing and Literature (as well as a book on slavery we’ve been reading – just in case we had time to read and discuss it).

After his weapon’s class we found a lunch spot, snagged a table, had some awesome conversations, and then got to work. While B did his writing, I worked on my North American Indian class for Penn State (win-win).


So although we didn’t check out the Kid’s Museum as we’d hoped, we had a lazy lunch, stayed on schedule, and had an awesome time at 4H. And the best part? Not having any homework (The Boy or myself) when we got home.