b did his reading here for some reason today. that book he’s holding is one of my fave for his independent reading during our homeschool day: mcgraw hill’s fifth grade reading book. love the short stories and the activities included, as well as reading comprehension questions. (i’m a most eclectic homeschooler 😉


Homeschool Tuesday:

busy, full, and very much in need of careful planning, execution, AND organization.

Tuesdays are The Day in our homeschool week as of late. With the end of both of B’s basketball leagues I was able to spend a little bit more time at home and a lot less time on the road. We have been going full speed through January and February and the break was quite nice, but it still left us with Tuesdays.

Tuesday is the Athenian Academy and B’s weapon’s history class.


weapon’s class catapault fun

Every other Tuesday is 4H.

And because we are already in Richmond-ish then it makes perfect sense to make Tuesdays our museum day. But I hate to miss out on a day of homeschooling so we do that too. Before we head out. Which is where the organization falls into place because we need to leave here at 9:45 sharp to get to his class on time.


If we start school at 7am that leaves us with 2 and a half hours of schooling. That’s enough for a full half day of intensive study of the two core subjects of language arts and math. Our Tuesdays are what our Language Arts program is to our homeschooling day… busy, full, and carefully organized. It takes up the largest chunk of our day. Reading, reading comprehension, classic literature studies (these are separate things in my curriculum planning), writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammer. Math is far easier only because The Boy has always naturally taken to numbers and is able to manipulate them internally. Between those two subjects and current events it usually takes the bulk of the slotted time for our official half days of homeschooling. If I’m lucky I can squeeze in geography, intro to logic, typing practice, and health. 

I was lucky this Tuesday. We didn’t even rush through everything, it just all kind of fell into place and clicked. We did a short biology lesson intro and I knew that hitting the Science Museum for some expansion on highlighted points was going to be the icing on the cake.

It was.

And it ended up being a busy, but amazing day. Which leaves me feeling extra thankful…