Seriously, I’m a plan-for-everything kind of gal. I like schedules, and organization, and list making. I like the neatness of it all. 

But obviously, life is not always so neat…. round pegs, round peg holes kind of thing. 

Today is Wednesday, which normally means half a day of school followed by roller hockey, lunch with friends, and play at the park. But today The Mister needed help with some errands. Who am I to protest when my beau needs something from me? I love taking care of him and seriously enjoy making things easier for him. But I knew how crazy and chaotic Wednesday would be because being Me, I’d insist on cleaning the house and homeschooling The Boy whilst still running the aforementioned errands. 

Did I mention we were supposed to be out the door by 9:30 to get to roller hockey on time-ish?

Obviously, that’s crazy! I figured, skip roller hockey, possibly show up late for lunch, no problem. But as the day progressed, and I found us leaving the house around 10:45 just to begin running the errands I realized B’s activities were probably not going to happen. I can’t neglect B’s schoolwork. I can’t leave the house chaotic because then I begin to feel chaotic. And the day was already beginning to feel somewhat chaotic, just thinking of everything I had to fit in (in such a small time frame, to boot). 

When things begin to get chaotic I’ve slowly learned to go in the opposite direction: slow down, enjoy each moment, and revel in our blessings. Counting all those little things I’m immensely grateful for has such a positive effect on my frame of mind. But beyond that, slowing down pushes the chaos out and leaves me with peace. 

So what originally was framed as a chaotic day ended up being a pretty sweet, mellow, stay at home and veg kind of day. B and I were able to enjoy some time eating lunch with D.Brooks (a rare treat for us lately). All the errands were run, no snags in sight. B and I came home and played games, read books, and are finishing off the day with a reviewing of one of his favorite movies. 

This momma’s even gotten some schoolwork in (which was greatly needed because this week is a bear, in that regard). 

I’m grateful for chaotic days such as today. Sometimes they are just what I need to slow down.