So, it’s official: As of Friday afternoon last week The Boy and I marked the completion of a 1/3 of his 5th grade year. We aren’t year round homeschoolers by any sense of the word. I really really REALLY love my summer break, and so does B. It’s not to say we aren’t learning year round because we are life long learners around here and reading and field trips and other educational things don’t go by the wayside just because it’s not a “school day.” But the type of learning that happens during the school year eclipses those other moments of “unscheduled” learning. Everyone homeschools differently and that’s what works for us. 

But I do have to say, I’m proud of our little homeschool for hitting this mark. Regardless of whether we’ve been traveling, not feeling the best, or field tripping we have schooled every day (except one day, which we promptly made up on a Saturday, true story). It’s not to say at all that taking a day off or relenting when a day throws some crazy curveballs at you is a no-no because those days are the best days to take off, I’m just glad we’ve been able to make it thus far on schedule.

It’s so easy, for me, speaking personally, as administrator, teacher, vice principal (if you will), to declare a no-rule day when things aren’t as neat or non-messy as I’d like them to be. But with everything I have on my proverbial plate (housework, dating my beau, daily devotions, playing with My Boy, taking care of myself, Penn State, and certainly not least B’s education) I know that if I make it a habit we’ll find ourselves less disciplined than I’d like us to be, and if I’m honest with myself the one set of eyes on me watching me and emulating me are the most important: those of my smallest B. 

Is it crazy hard juggling everything? Sometimes, if I think about it. But mostly it’s just a lot of planning, organization, and hard work. Do I always get time for myself. Nope. But that’s okay. The most important thing I’m doing right now is helping raise that little boy. And he’ll only be with me, totally mine, for such a short period of time. At some point he’ll move on with his life, as I pray he will 🙂 , hopefully marry someone who treasures him as much as he treasures her, and live a full and happy and meaningful life. Then I’ll have all the time in the world and I’ll miss these day to day “mundane” moments that bring me so much happiness and fulfillment. 

Gosh, when I was pregnant with B I never imagined our life to play out this way: neither the repeated deployments, nor the homeschooling. But all these things, and more, have created a sum of some amazing moments we continue to experience day to day. I’m so grateful for the time I get to spend with him day to day. I know I say that a lot, but it’s that whole glass-half-full bit that makes me the happy-go-lucky, talks-too-much, smiles-and-laughs-too-easily gal that I am. 

So, here’s to marking 1/3 way done with 5th grade! Here’s to the other 2/3 and all the memories to be made.