So, it’s pretty obvious B is growing and changing. Lately we find ourselves chuckling when his voice suddenly cracks or wondering at the deepening tone of his voice. I still remember so vividly the way he spoke as a toddler, or Big Brooks frustrations as he tried to have a conversation with him over the horrid telephone connection from overseas only to be even more perplexed B’s pronunciations. Lately, when we hold hands (yes, my Boy still reaches for my hand and my heart still melts when he does so) I find his hand not as small and tiny and fragile as it once was.

But there are other signs of all this changing and maturing and growing, and it’s not just the wall in the kitchen when we’ve begun to mark his height (though we know we’ll move eventually and have to paint over it). There’s the celebrations that occur year to year that change as his interests change, as he gets older. The art projects or simple activities that would have thrilled him when he was younger have given way to more complicated or complex things. This week, as we head into trick or treat season, I find myself changing what we would normally have done and adding new things. Last night we played a fun game with Nerf guns and balloons (which later became swords), spent a good hour sketching together, and then danced to Thriller. I’m loving the changes but missing those things that we used to do that no longer hold the same appeal.

I suppose it’s one thing about having an only child… feeling as if these moments are so fleeting because you might not experience them again with another. And so you celebrate them and enjoy them fully. Today we head to a nature center for some fun night time walks, hayrides, games, and who knows what else, and I’m just grateful, that at least for another year, it still holds the same excitement and merriment as years past.

Life remains sweet.