Every year I keep thinking to myself, “This is it, self. This is the year The Boy finally realizes that Santa exists in spirit, not so much in flesh and bone.” 

But then it just doesn’t. I’m wondering… does he still believe or does he want me to think he believes. 

The thing is, he’s so good at debating that when friends have told him that parents are Santa he debates them on the finer points of how that just couldn’t be. 

As he’s gotten older he explains away things that just don’t mesh with reason and yet… he still believes (or wants me to believe… I’m really on the fence on that one).

So, as another Christmas approaches and we partake in festivities up to the yearly visit from the Big Guy My Boy sat down to pen his letter to Santa. I especially like his use of phrases such as “…would like the game entitled…”  and “if you would be kind enough,” and let’s not forget, “I would certainly be grateful.” 

And for the first time, ever… That Boy TYPED his letter to Santa. My heart broke a little while I watched it because he takes such good care each year to write his letters as neatly as possible, watching for grammatical errors and punctuation snafus. But the teacher part of me didn’t want to quell his desire to type when he’s been working so hard on his typing in school. So I let it go, though I may have had to leave the room for most of the letter composing.