So, after what seemed like a really, really long week (we just got back from PA on Sunday, Three King’s Day, my birthday, etc.) Saturday was upon us and I was itching for a day trip. To be fair, Richmond is so close calling it a day trip seems a little foolish, however, when you piece and put together a day with something new or pretty amazing I think it qualifies.

Big Brooks had apparently been to Buzz and Ned’s a few days before. It’s apparently hailed as Richmond’s best or most authentic bar-b-que joint. Daddy Brooks was raving about how it was delicious, amazing, and other over used but quite accurate adjectives. Meanwhile, we’d heard about the place from B’s best friend who implored us to some day just go, we wouldn’t regret it. So off we went to Buzz and Ned’s, who apparently was featured on the TV in a contest with Bobby Flay (and won, that’s important to mention). 

The place was packed but we were able to find a parking spot (score!) and the food was incredible and totally worth the wait (they were, after all, busy, and I’m thinking perfection takes time). It was pretty amazing and we may or may not have licked our fingers. 

For those in the Richmond area planning on going to Buzz and Ned’s, the prices are pretty comparable to eating elsewhere, though if you think about lunch prices in most places Buzz and Ned’s would be a bit pricier. But if you split a large meal (who would do that?!) two people can eat for about 15 bucks. We chose to forgo that and just enjoy our meals, while sharing. Big Brooks had a half rack of ribs (so so good!), BB had catfish (which I declined to try since I’m not a sea-foodie), and I had the pulled pork because it just calls to me. 

After stuffing ourselves properly we headed to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which happens to be free. How great is that? We only had about 90 minutes before our movie started at Bowtie Cinemas (located on the same street, down right smack dab from Buzz and Ned’s and very close the VMFA). The art museum, which we LOVE, has a current exhibit called something to the effects of Hollywood Costumes and which happens to be free to the military thanks to their participation with Blue Star Museums. The free entrance saved us 50 bucks between the three of us and we were quite grateful after throwing caution to the wind at Buzz and Ned’s and eating whatever we fancied, regardless of the price (I tend to be more frugally minded most days… I may have lost my mind at Buzz and Ned’s, I’m just saying).

The exhibit was AWESOME! It deserves all caps. The place, being Saturday was PACKED! That was hard only because The Boy and I are used to going to museums and being one of the only ones there. They had so many great costumes on display and did a wonderful job through videos and descriptions of explaining the art of hollywood costuming: entertaining and educational, my favorite combination. Some of our faces: Harrison’s costume from Indiana Jones, one of Superman’s suits, Spiderman’s, pieces from Gone with the Wind (be still my heart!), and Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress where the subway grate is blowing beneath her. There were tons more but definitely our favorite area was the one dedicated to action movies. The exhibit runs through mid February and if I can swing it The Boy and I will head back during the week when it’s less crowded to check it out again. 

The movie we attended, Hercules, was okay. I’m not big on rating movies but it was definitely good for a 10 year old boy who loves Greek mythology. We were both a bit put off by the Hollywood take on Hera giving Hercules’s mother a night with Zeus so that her infant son could save humanity. Seriously, Hera?! The woman was incredibly jealous and B and I have loved reading about her supposed antics involving all the women Zeus had flings with. The woman was jealous! Beyond that, the cinematography was lacking at points and there were points I guffawed at the acting or little mistakes here and there that were pretty obvious to me (who wasn’t too engrossed in the story), but we had fun and The Boy loved it, so win win! 

Loved spending the day with my boys, and although next week promises to be a bear with activities and the start of my semester, I’m so grateful for a day with nothing on the plate but enjoying the time spent with them. Life remains ever so sweet.