I’ve been sick with a nasty infection for what seems the last month. It’s been pretty yucky at times and has left me pretty exhausted. Being sick for so long has reminded me how much time I spend with Little B playing as I’ve spent so much time missing our time together. But that’s neither here nor there as I’m hoping to finally be on the upswing of things (and with today’s “predicted” snow it couldn’t come at a better time).

This weekend, thanks to Brooks having to go to DC for work related reasons, The Boy and I tagged along to make the outing a day trip to one of our favorite cities. The National Museum of Natural History has always been a favorite, though we tend to go, always, with too little time and too much enthusiasm. Only one of those is a problem.


The museum’s dinosaur exhibit is going to be closed to the public later this year (April one of the volunteers told us) until the year 2019 (that isn’t a typo). So we wanted to make sure to visit that area before we didn’t have the ability to do so for a long time. Plus, who knows where we’ll move to next and we might not be in DC for even longer. Coinciding with the closure of the exhibit is the opening of their Qrius interactive lab for teens (and tweens). This particular exhibit opened in December and although they are only open for a few hours in the afternoon for the general public (being open to school groups during the day) it’s a pretty amazing spot to  explore. The whole lab is set up for exploring, learning, and curiosity. Tons of specimens are available for kids to handle, explore, and inquire about. Staff members and volunteers are readily available to answer questions. We obviously didn’t spend enough time in this area and I’m already looking forward into March for a possible outing to the museum just to spend a few hours there with LB.

The Boy and I lost about a week of school due to my being sick enough to not be able to teach so we took Sunday as a homeschool day, taking the two hour car ride into the city to read over and discuss some of the teacher guides available for download off the NMNH website. Armed with that knowledge we checked out very specific areas of the museum to both check out what we had just learned about and to reinforce the knowledge. Win win in my book. We got to field trip it with Dad in tow, a rarity in itself, and made up a lost school day.


For those day tripping it to this area of DC, there is plentiful parking nearby. We parked in a garage a few blocks away for 16 bucks and ate in one of the restaurants nearby. Big Brooks is great about using different apps to not only find good places to eat but finding parking and mapping it all so we aren’t walking around lost. We ate at a restaurant called Oyamel right across from our parking deck. It specializes in Mexican cuisine. This particular restaurant is a far cry from the usual Mexican fare you can normally find at your local restaurant. I’m not sure who their chef is but the food was ridiculously good. The restaurant is set up like a Spanish tapas bar, with small portions of food that are either meant to be shared or eaten along with various different choices. It can obviously get pricey but it’s definitely worth it. And the corn tortillas are made fresh. You can’t beat that.


As for myself, I’m looking forward to not being sick. It sounds cliche but I’m definitely sick of being sick.

Grateful for another day, always.