As my friends will attest, I’ve been dying to host a Minute 2 Win It game night. Originally, the idea was to host a couples night, with each couple competing for a cash prize. However, the ladies and gents that make up our game night are ubber competitive and sadly the ladies have been unable to win much when we’ve done Boys against Girls. This is A Very Sad Fact. So, it didn’t surprise me when everyone wanted to/expected there to be a rematch.


Spoiler alert: The gents won, again.


But we all had fun and I think that’s the key to a great game night.


The food was awesome, the company stellar, and the games had us in stitches.


Game night could  not be any easier to throw together. (A big ol’ thank you to  my mother-in-law that helped with the food prep).


The only “big” thing I had to do was make up a super easy poster to list the games in order of completion and the team scores. The only “big” thing Big Brooks had to do was open up a word document I sent him with the link to the game “blueprints” listed in the order we were to play them. This way, during the party, all he had to do was click on the link and the official blueprint from the gameshow would begin playing on the big screen in the living room (having an Apple TV to do this made this incredibly easy). The Man even used an iPhone app displayed on the big screen to keep track of the time. I loved the ease of playing the video with all the details on how to play, etc.


All the items for the games were easily found around the house or super cheap to buy so I’m hoping at some point I can convince everyone to meet again for another Minute 2 Win It game night.


Here are some more pictures: